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The Debut Book by Author T.G. Webb.



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"The football rivalry between Baylor and Texas A&M goes back a long, long way.  It has always been intense on both sides, but most of the time, the two schools confined the actual hitting to the two teams on the field.  One time, with dreadful consequences, passions overflowed and a tragedy occurred.  T.G. Webb has done a masterful job of tracing the history of this powerful event, separating fiction from fact and telling parts of the story that have never seen the light of day until now.  Whether your favorite color combination is maroon and white, green and gold, or something else, you need to read this book."

--Grant Teaff, head coach, Baylor football, 1972-1992

"As a fan of Texas history in general and Texas sports in particular, I loved the research and story told by T.G. Webb in Battle of the Brazos.  I've researched the story myself and written about it twice, if that tells you anything.  Webb did a better job of digging, and I enjoyed the results immensely."

--Kevin Sherrington, sports columnist, Dallas Morning News

"Battle of the Brazos is a fascinating mix of sports history and true crime mystery. Webb' book offers insight to a bygone era in Texas sports."

--Mark Lardas, book review, Galveston County Daily News

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